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Windows Woes

I’m not much of a fan of Windows, but a couple of applications that I use a lot (Quicken and Adobe Lightroom, for example) don’t run on Linux. Also, gaming on Windows is still much easier than gaming on Linux. As a result, I use Window 7 Ultimate as my main computer. Yesterday, when I was trying to tweak my backup processes, I ran into such bizarre problems with file permissions in Windows it drove me crazy.

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Windows 7 UTC Time Issue

I’ve had a problem with my computer lately with the clock being consistently slow, even though it is set to sync to an internet time server every day. Whenever I would manually sync it to an internet time server, the time would be correct for an hour or so, then suddenly lose time. Before, it was about 5 minutes, but lately, it was 17 minutes. This would cause all sorts of problems, especially when I was working on a file when the time jumped back: suddenly, the latest version of a file had a timestamp 10 minutes earlier than a previous version. Not good! But after extensive testing, I’ve determined the bug.

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Windows 7 complaints, corporate edition

When I first got Windows 7, I ranted a bit about the install process. Since then, I’ve had no problems with Windows 7 at home, and I have to say that I like it. It’s getting to the time, though, when we will start rolling out Windows 7 at work, and in the past week I’ve been fiddling around with Windows 7 Pro from a corporate perspective. Once again, I find a few things lacking.

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Another Windows 7 woe

I’ve been using Windows 7 now for a couple weeks, and for the most part, it’s working great. However, I recently discovered another problem, and sadly, it doesn’t seem to be one that’s limited to me: problems with sharing a printer with a Mac

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Windows Security – why not Run With instead of Run As?

I’ve had a bit more time to see exactly what UAC does in Windows 7, and I’ve decided that Microsoft still isn’t getting this right. UAC, and the "Run As…" command, are a good idea, but I think they are making it needlessly complicated and confusing.

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Windows 7 thoughts

So the installation was a mess, but after all of that got sorted out, and I reinstalled all of my apps, I actually got to using Windows 7 Home Premium. So far, I like it. I like it a lot actually. I think it is worth the hassle I’ve gone through, and since I only need to install once (barring major misfortune), I’m hoping for clear sailing from here on out.

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My Windows 7 nightmare rant

Way back in July, when Microsoft announced the special deal for Windows 7 preorders, I decided to take the plunge and buy it. I had been using Windows XP since 2001 in one incarnation or another, and it looked like Windows 7 would be a decent upgrade. In addition, I was having more and more problems with incompatibilities (such as my monitor issues), and I figured that an upgrade could help. Plus, the price was only $50 for Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade, which I made sure would allow me to use Windows XP as a qualifying product. I thought I was set. Little did I know the horrors that were ahead of me, thanks to Microsoft.

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Computer stupidity: NVidia drivers and the BSOD

Instead of finding a utility today, this is about a recent computer stupidity I had to deal with. Warning: this gets into computer geekery, so if you aren’t interested then you should pass on this one.

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Windows 7

Windows 7 Release Candidate came out this week. Although I haven’t yet tried it out, I did try out the Windows 7 beta a while back (both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions). It looks like a pretty decent OS, but when the bar you are trying to leap over is Vista, that’s not saying much

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