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Photos from Camryn and Nathan’s Wedding

Last weekend I was an unofficial photographer for my sister Camryn’s wedding. I am nowhere close to being good enough to be a wedding photographer, and my hat is off to the official photographer (she is at Whispers of Light Photography in case you are looking for a wedding photographer). I’m just an amateur, although that does take some of the pressure off. Below are some of my favorite shots from the wedding. The complete gallery is here.

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Wedding Photos

We’ve posted our wedding photos here. Another big thanks to Steve and Kelsey from Holm Photo.

Also, in my last post about the wedding, I forgot to mention our fantastic officiant, Tomkin Coleman. He helped us create a ceremony that was meaningful and truly our own.

Thanks again to everybody!

Wedding thoughts

It’s hard to believe that Julia’s and my wedding was over a month ago. We switched from wedding planning back to campaign mode so quickly, the past month just flew by with no time to sit back and reflect. Now that the election is over and things are a little slower, although unsettled, here’s the lowdown.

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On Saturday, Julia and I got officially engaged. Although we’d been planning things for a while, the actual activities were a surprise to her.

We started off at WA Frost in Saint Paul, where we had an absolutely delicious dinner of scallops, filet mignon, and three different desserts, accompanied by a great pinot noir. The staff there was great as well, as they gave us a very nice table right in front of the fireplace after I tipped them off to what we were doing.

We then went to the St. Paul Hotel, where we had champagne and strawberries dressed up in little tuxes. The brunch Sunday morning was great too.

The wedding is set for October 9th, 2010 at the Minneapolis Public Library downtown.

Engagement ring

New Photos Up: McClure-Fisher Wedding

This past weekend I went to Omaha with Julia to attend the wedding of one of her friends from way back. I took my camera, of course, to capture the event. The full gallery of photos is on my website here. Here’s a sampling…

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