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Our Paris Trip

We left for Paris on Saturday, 5 January, flying overnight through Amsterdam to arrive in Paris on Sunday. We left the following Monday morning, so we were in Paris for over a week. Plenty of time to hit all the highlights. FYI, all pictures are here.

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New Photos Up: Paris Trip

I’ve put new photos up of our trip to Paris. I’ll have a full recap of the trip soon, but for now, enjoy the pictures!

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New Photos Up: Arizona Vacation

I’ve posted the photos from our Arizona vacation here. Samples below the jump…

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Fear and Loathing in Arizona

I recently spent almost a week in Arizona visiting family. It was my first time visiting Arizona, and suddenly, I understand John McCain a whole lot better…

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Vacation part 4 – DC and home

We started out in Philadelphia, then spent two days in New York. Our last weekend was upon us, though, and we in DC. We arrived early Friday afternoon and checked into our hotel in Rosslyn, across the river from Georgetown. Julia used to live in Rosslyn during college, and Mo’s girlfriend also lived in the neighborhood, making it a convenient location. We stayed in a Hilton, which was nice enough, but after the hotel in New York, it seemed wastefully gigantic.

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Vacation part 3 – New York shopping and tourism

Our first couple days in New York behind us, Wednesday Julia wanted to go shopping, so after sleeping in a bit to recover from the previous night’s barhopping, we headed out to shop first at the Century 21 store (where Julia bought a new purse), then to SoHo. Like our previous shopping experiences, we saw a great deal of things we couldn’t afford, but there were some nice, more affordable clothes that Julia picked up at places like Banana Republic and Esprit. After our shopping spree we went to a sushi place in Midtown for some all-you-can-eat sushi, which wasn’t bad. Post-dinner, we went to a couple bars in Midtown, then back to the hotel for the night.

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Vacation part 2 – First days in New York

When we left off, we had just arrived in New York outside of Penn Station on the Bolt Bus. We grabbed a cab, not wanting to haul our suitcases on the subway, and headed down to Chinatown where our hotel was located, the Comfort Inn Manhattan Bridge. It is a fairly new hotel, in a very convenient location, and had a pretty good price for a New York hotel. As you can see in the review, I would recommend it no problem. And it has a pretty nice view:

The view from our hotel at night, including the Manhattan Bridge

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Vacation part 1 – Philadelphia

Julia and I left for our vacation on Friday, September 25th. It certainly didn’t start out well: due to a light mist falling and runway construction, our flight to Milwaukee was canceled before we even arrived at the airport. Fortunately, we were rebooked onto a direct flight to Philadelphia, but it wouldn’t be leaving for several hours. After spending that time at Ike’s in the airport, and enduring several more delays, we finally boarded for the uneventful flight to Philly.

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On Vacation

Julia and I are heading off to Philadelphia, New York, and DC for a bit of a vacation. Neither of us have been to Philly, and Julia has never been to New York, so it will be a lot of fun. I’m taking my camera of course, and I’m looking forward to taking photos in a very urban environment.

Back in October!

Colorado Photos

I’ve posted photos from my trip to Colorado here. Some of my favorites below the fold…

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