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I’m voting for Noor

There’s a primary next Tuesday in my senate district, SD59. It’s the first round in the special election to replace former senator Larry Pogemiller, who resigned earlier this year after a long stint in the senate. Given the political leaning of the district, it’s almost a guarantee that the winner of the DFL primary is going to be elected to the district, and that has made the campaign on the DFL side a crowded one, with a number of candidates vying for the privilege of running in the general election next January under the DFL label. Among all the candidates, one has risen to the top of my list, and the candidate I’m going to be voting for next Tuesday is Mohamud Noor.

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SD59 Convention Pictures

I’ve uploaded pictures from the DFL SD59 convention last Saturday here. Plenty of samples below the jump…

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SD59 convention report

Today was the DFL Senate District 59 convention at Edison High School. Julia and I were elected as delegates at our precinct caucus a few weeks ago, so we got up early on a Saturday morning to attend. We were out of there by 2:30, which isn’t bad for a district convention. Sadly, we were not elected to the state convention, though both of us ran for delegate positions.

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