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PKI Revisited

A little more than two years ago, I set up a PKI and did a post on it. The main goal was to get a certificate on my EdgeOS router to get proper HTTPS support without the annoying red X. When I did it, however, I didn’t do it quite right, and so I decided to redo it all. Some of the major problems:

  • The cert for my router expired after two years. Hence, I as of today I need a new cert anyway.
  • The intermediate cert also expired after two years. Lame!
  • To trust the chain, I had to import the intermediate cert into Windows, not the root cert. I should just need the root cert.

So I decided to do it right, and do it all over again for posterity, again largely following this post from Didier Stevens and again having the same old issues. Details below.

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Replacing Chef’s self-signed certificates

Having gotten my home network and logging to a point where I wanted it, my next project was going to be Chef. Life intervened before I got too much involved with Chef, but now that things are approaching a sense of normalcy, I’m trying to pick up where I left off. My ultimate goal is to set up my CentOS server as a Chef server, and control my virtual machines via Chef automation. One minor speed bump along the way was the web interface for Chef, which uses self-signed certificates and so gave me the annoying warning when accessing it. I fixed that problem by replacing the certs with my own, below the fold.

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Setting up a PKI

Since setting up my home network, I’ve been playing around with pieces of it. Today, when I was logging into the web interface of my EdgeLite Router, I noticed that dreaded red X through the https in Chrome, because Chrome didn’t trust the default self-signed certificate that came with the router. Why not replace that default cert with one I’ve signed myself, and import my signing cert as a trust certificate, thought I? So that’s what I did today.

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