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Health Care, The Future, and All The Fish

So the Supreme Court did the “unexpected” (expected by constitutional scholars and those in the know, but unexpected by the media, so therefore unexpected) and upheld the bulk of Obamacare, specifically the mandate. Medicaid expansion was tweaked, and there are some arguments that the limits on the Commerce Clause is the real far-reaching story of the day, but all the same, this is something to be thankful for.

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All Apologies

I really shouldn’t be surprised that Republicans are ranting and raving about the fact that President Obama apologized for the fact that soldiers accidentally burned copies of the Qur’an in Afghanistan. It’s an election year. Foreign policy is at stake. People who need to make money being talking heads need to make money. Realities like the fact that President Bush apologized or that people in the military agree with the apology don’t matter. There’s a narrative here, even if completely made up, and it must be fed!

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Obama Reaps the McConnell-wind

President Obama made a recess appointment today to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which caused Republicans to absolutely flip out (A Fox News blog screamed that he “mocks the Constitution”, which I have to say gave me quite the chuckle). Is Obama a dictator? Is he wielding absolute powers? Does Fox News distort the truth? Will Rick Santorum beat Obama in 2012? All signs point to “no”

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Patronizing, 2011-style

Duncan Black (AKA Atrios) at Eschaton often has a special segment called “What Digby Said”. Not having a whole lot more to add after this miserable Sunday, I’ll mainly leave comment on the Obama administration’s Lucy-like pulling the football away on the issue of emergency contraception to Digby.

For the life of me, I don’t understand this. The science is not the issue, seeing as how the scientists said to go ahead with it. Thus, the reasoning has to be politics, which as Digby points out, makes zero sense. Nobody who already hates Obama isn’t going to vote for him based on this decision. On the other hand, the large number of currently non-voting young people who would be happy to fill in the oval for Obama if they would just vote are going to absolutely hate this decision. It’s politics as usual, it’s patronizing, it’s wrong.

Once again, the Obama administration is engaging in something that is both bad policy and bad politics.