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I’m pretty much done with the bulk of my MSST degree program, now that my capstone project has been completed. All in all, it’s been a fantastic experience. I knew that there would be a few bumps along the way, seeing as how I was in the first cohort to go through the program, but the issues that came up were addressed with an eye towards improving the program for future students. I feel that I’ve learned a great deal about risk management in a number of realms, and how to frame issues I had never thought of before when it comes to dealing with risk and security. I definitely feel like this is going to be a useful set of tools for the rest of my career.

IT Security Survey

I’m currently working on my MSST Capstone project, which is going to focus on IT security in small organizations and small businesses. If you work in a small business, especially if you have an IT role, please fill out a short survey I’ve put together. It’s 36 questions, mainly yes or no, so it shouldn’t take up too much time. You can access the survey here.

My 7 seconds of fame on CNN

CNN did a story on the Masters of Science in Security Technologies (MSST) program I’m enrolled in at the U. The story can be found here. I’m in the story for a few seconds of talking and clicking around on my computer at work (I’m clicking on the database app I created, not Solitaire). Except for my appearance on ‘N Sync’s website many years ago, it’s probably my broadest media appearance yet. I’m so proud!

As for the MSST program itself, it’s going very well. Our first course, dealing mainly with the psychology of terrorism, is already over, and it was very interesting. Ron Krebs, the instructor for the majority of the class, handled the class exceptionally, with a very good balance of lecture and group activities, as well as engrossing readings. I and several of my classmates were interested in taking a course he is teaching in the fall, but the workload just isn’t something I could handle while working, planning a wedding, and electioneering. Our current two courses, on critical infrastructure protection and science and technology in security, are also very interesting. They are pretty broad courses with a number of guest speakers lecturing on their particular expertises (cybersecurity, biosecurity, food security, pandemic preparedness, and so on) and they will provide for a good base upon which we can expand in later classes. They are also great at scaring the crap out of us.

In a little more than a month, the summer semester will be over and I’ll be 25% done with my degree. Not bad. Next on the to do list: thinking of a capstone project.

Grad school admission

Last week I was admitted to the University of Minnesota’s brand-new Masters of Science in Security Technology (MSST) program. I’m very excited to be in the inaugural class, and I’m glad that I finally found a graduate program that fit my needs, after spending a few years looking and coming up empty.

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