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Random pictures

Here are a couple of random pictures I took on a dreary day today.

Windows 7 thoughts to come tomorrow.

Misha in the sun


Sick kitty

Sadly, Misha has an infected paw, so he has to take antibiotics and wear a collar so he doesn’t chew on his paw. He’s taking it very well, but it is still sad to see him lounge around all depressed…

Sad, pathetic Misha with his collar on

New photos: Cats

Now that I have internet again, I added a few pictures of the cats to my online gallery. A couple selections below the break.

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Cat update

It’s been a couple weeks since we brought Sasha home and things are quieting down. Misha was not happy at first, but it only took a couple days for him to accept Sasha. They still fight and wrestle some, but most of the time it’s harmless play.

Sasha still has ringworm, so we have to dip her in lime sulfur to take care of that. It’s getting better, and it’s more of a cosmetic problem than anything else.

I’ll be posting more pictures as I take them.

Pictures of the kitties

I’ve put up new pictures of Julia’s cats here. Samples below the jump…

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Саша the kitten

Julia and I picked up Саша (Sasha) the kitten yesterday. Here is the link to the gallery. She is very playful and energetic, and is pretty fearless. She climbed all the way to the top of the cat tree I made (although she needed a little help getting down), and is in general having fun exploring.


Миша (Misha), the existing cat, is not very happy about this at the moment. He’s all hissy and has tried to take a swipe at her a couple of times. We are trying to introduce them slowly so they don’t kill each other. Next step: getting some baby gates so they can see each other and maybe get used to each other.

Have a kitten

I don’t have any good recent photos available, so here’s a photo of a kitten (as always, all of my photos are at


Миша asleep in his temporary kitty bed.