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HDR photos

I’ve been playing around with Qtpfsgui, the freeware HDR generator. I’ve tried Photomatix but didn’t care for it, plus it costs money. I’m all about free and open source. Through my experimentation, I’ve discovered an important revelation: 16-bit TIFF files are far, far better source images than 8-bit JPG. I was using 8-bit JPG files for my source at first, and was extremely disappointed in the results. Now that I’ve moved to TIFF, I find things to be a whole lot better. Images after the jump.

Here is an HDR image of downtown Minneapolis, using Mantiuk tonemapping. I like the way it turned out:

Downtown Minneapolis HDR.

Here is a Mantiuk tonemap of the Mississippi River from the Franklin Avenue Bridge:

Downtown Minneapolis HDR.

Here is the same scene, using the Fattal algorithm. Fattal is definitely less realistic than other HDR tonemapping algorithms, but it can create interesting results:

Downtown Minneapolis HDR.

Now that I’ve discovered the best way to make them, I’ll probably keep creating HDR images. More can be seen here.

Photos of Minneapolis and the Mississippi River

I took last Friday off, and instead of sleeping in like a normal person would do, I decided to get up as usual and instead take some photos just after daybreak. A couple hours after sunrise and a couple hours after sunset are the best times to take photographs, and Friday morning was no exception. Some samples after the break; the rest are here.

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It’s official: I and Julia are moving to a new place in NE Minneapolis in July. It’s the top floor of a duplex, new kitchen, pretty cool. I’ll finally be getting back to Minneapolis after wandering in the wilderness of Saint Paul for a bit.

Of course, I’ll post pictures at some future date.

Photographing Lake of the Isles

I’ve been taking pictures for much of my life. When I was a kid, I got a cheap 110 film camera for Christmas. Like many 110 cameras, it was little more than a plastic toy, but it was something my brother and I put to good use for many years. When I was older, I got a point-and-shoot Nikon 35mm camera, which I also enjoyed. But it wasn’t until I took an introductory photography course in college that I really got into it. I used a Pentax 35mm SLR and shot black-and-white film, doing all of the developing and enlarging the old-fashioned way. It was the very first class I ever took in college (8 AM Monday morning!) and it became my favorite, combining technical know-how with artistic sensibilities.

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