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Using fill flash and Lightroom presets

Julia and I walked along the Root River Trail in Lanesboro on Friday, and I of course brought my camera. I took the opportunity to experiment with fill flash for lightening the subject (in this case, Julia) in front of a brightly-lit background. I also had some fun with some effects presets in Lightroom when I was doing the post-processing. Examples under the jump…

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Photography Workflow

I took hundreds of photos during my recent trip out east, and as yet I haven’t had time to process them. So no vacation photos for now. It takes time to go through my workflow, and I’m still at the early stages. For those who are interested, my photo workflow is as follows:

  1. Using a card reader, transfer the RAW files from the CF card to my 750 GB hard drive.
  2. Geotag the RAW files using GeoSetter.
  3. Import the RAW files into Adobe Lightroom.
  4. Go through the photos and flag the obvious rejects.
  5. Develop the RAW files, changing exposure, white balance, etc.
  6. Label and caption the keepers in Lightroom.
  7. Export the RAW files to JPG.
  8. If necessary, make edits in GIMP, although this is a rarity these days.
  9. Upload to my SmugMug site.

Last night I geotagged the files, so now I’m importing and making the first pass through them. Hopefully, before too long, I’ll have them up.

Windows 7

Windows 7 Release Candidate came out this week. Although I haven’t yet tried it out, I did try out the Windows 7 beta a while back (both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions). It looks like a pretty decent OS, but when the bar you are trying to leap over is Vista, that’s not saying much

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