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EdgeOS and IPv6 Revisited

About a week ago I noticed that my browsing was no longer using IPv6. How, you ask? I use IPvFoo, a Chrome extension that shows you in your address bar whether you are browsing a site using IPv4 or IPv6. True, only Google and Facebook are the sites that I browse regularly that use IPv6, but I still noticed that something was amiss. Not a high priority, I forgot about it for a few days until I saw a thread in the IPv6 subreddit which solved the mystery for me: Comcast had stopped giving out /60 address blocks to residential customers.

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Adventures in Networking, Part 6: IPv6

This is finally the end of my series on setting up my EdgeRouter and all the fun I had with it. This part was the hardest part, but it was also quite the learning experience: getting IPv6 up an running on my router. It took a lot of work, muddling around with configs, and reading a lot of articles, but in the end I passed the IPV6 Test with a score of 100%, which is something that I never could have done before. So read more to see the (current) conclusion of this endeavor.

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