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Photos from Camryn and Nathan’s Wedding

Last weekend I was an unofficial photographer for my sister Camryn’s wedding. I am nowhere close to being good enough to be a wedding photographer, and my hat is off to the official photographer (she is at Whispers of Light Photography in case you are looking for a wedding photographer). I’m just an amateur, although that does take some of the pressure off. Below are some of my favorite shots from the wedding. The complete gallery is here.

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New Photos: Photo Walk

One of the fun things about working at Target is that there are a ton of groups set up on just about every interest imaginable in order to make the company a little smaller. One of these group is the Photography Network, and this week, over lunch one day, we went for a photo walk around Brownie Lake. The themes we were supposed to capture included light and shadows, lines, repetition, texture, and wildlife. My photos are located here. Some of my favorites below the jump.

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New photos up: Christmas

I’ve uploaded a few photos from our trip to Omaha for Christmas. A couple samples below the fold.

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New photos: North Shore Vacation

Last weekend Julia and I went up to the North Shore of Lake Superior to celebrate our first anniversary. We stayed at the very lovely Bluefin Bay Resort. Below the jump are some pictures of the trip.

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New photos up: Apple Picking

I’ve put up new photos from our apple-picking trip to Afton Apple Orchard this past weekend here. Samples below the jump.

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New photos up: University of Minnesota

About a week ago I spent the morning taking photos around the University of Minnesota. I don’t know what it is about the U, but I feel the need to excessively process the photos I take there. Hopefully, they aren’t too overdone. A few samples below the jump.

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New Photos Up: Arizona Vacation

I’ve posted the photos from our Arizona vacation here. Samples below the jump…

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Geosetter and GPS Logger

A while back I blogged about Geosetter, a tool used for geotagging digital photos. In the past, I’ve used it to manually assign locations to photos I’ve taken. This isn’t much fun, and it is easy to forget where I’ve taken a photo before I get a chance to geotag them. Thanks to Reddit, though, I’ve discovered a much better way to do it automatically by using GPSLogger on my phone. I run it on my phone while I’m taking pictures, then Geosetter can take the .GPS file that GPSLogger exports and automatically tag all of the photos by matching the time it was taken to where you were based on the log file. Neat! I used it for my Twin Cities Pride album, and despite the noisiness inherent in consumer-grade GPS, it worked very well.

Twin Cities Pride Photos

On Sunday, Julia and I went to the Twin Cities Pride Parade, where I took a bunch of pictures. Some samples are below the jump.

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Using fill flash and Lightroom presets

Julia and I walked along the Root River Trail in Lanesboro on Friday, and I of course brought my camera. I took the opportunity to experiment with fill flash for lightening the subject (in this case, Julia) in front of a brightly-lit background. I also had some fun with some effects presets in Lightroom when I was doing the post-processing. Examples under the jump…

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