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Setting up a PKI

Since setting up my home network, I’ve been playing around with pieces of it. Today, when I was logging into the web interface of my EdgeLite Router, I noticed that dreaded red X through the https in Chrome, because Chrome didn’t trust the default self-signed certificate that came with the router. Why not replace that default cert with one I’ve signed myself, and import my signing cert as a trust certificate, thought I? So that’s what I did today.

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Windows Woes

I’m not much of a fan of Windows, but a couple of applications that I use a lot (Quicken and Adobe Lightroom, for example) don’t run on Linux. Also, gaming on Windows is still much easier than gaming on Linux. As a result, I use Window 7 Ultimate as my main computer. Yesterday, when I was trying to tweak my backup processes, I ran into such bizarre problems with file permissions in Windows it drove me crazy.

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When Joy Isn’t

It was the doctor visit that Julia and I had both been looking forward to, that 20 week ultrasound that was going to tell us what we were going to have: two boys, two girls, or one of each (the most probable selection and my pick). No sooner had we learned that we were going to have two girls did we get the unimaginable, horrendous news that one of them was very, very sick, and was probably not going to make it at all. Going from joy to heartbreak is what parenthood is all about, or so I’ve been told, but never did I expect it to happen so quickly or so unexpectedly.

One of our girls, Fetus A in the nomenclature of perinatology, has a failing heart. So weak, in fact, she is not expected to survive. Immediately, thoughts of how we would handle two babies, child care, strollers, car seats, all of that evaporated, and all that was left was the question that no parent wants to ask: will our child die? Not only that, will her death lead to the death of her sister, both of which we had never known except in black and white ultrasound photos?

Since that day several weeks ago, we have taken it one day at a time. Sonja Dygard Hunstad, Fetus B, the one that is doing just great, is still doing well, kicking so hard Julia can see her tummy move. Ingrid Victoria Hunstad, so named because we want her to be victorious and survive this sentence she has had put upon her even before she has been born, is hanging in there, although all of the experts tell us that her prognosis is grave and not improving.

This past Wednesday, Julia was admitted to the hospital. Julia has been monitoring her blood pressure throughout the pregnancy, and it had been creeping up. Because of the situation, her doctors want to monitor her to make sure it isn’t preeclampsia or worse. Fortunately, all of the tests have been negative, but it’s understandably not much fun for Julia to be cooped up, even in a nice place like the Mother Baby Center.

This is where we are now: talking with the doctors (who have been nothing but excellent so far) for updates, running labs, and waiting. We don’t always know what to hope for or what news is good or bad. What I do know is that if our girls are anything like their mother they are strong and they will do whatever they can to meet us, and that if things turn out for the worse, it is not for lack of trying.

Splunk Reporting: Mapping Brute Force Attempts

As part of my home network setup, I talked a bit about how I set up Splunk and used it for metrics on firewall performance. Splunk is an incredibly powerful tool and can be used for much, much more than that. This weekend I pretty easily set up a cool new dashboard to monitor brute-force attempts against my website using Splunk. Below is what I did.

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Adventures in Networking: Setting Up a Home Network with EdgeOS

As promised, the summary of everything I’ve done to date. I’m still messing with IPv6, and I found my VLAN settings were all messed up, so expect some more updates on this topic. So far, though, here’s what I have, from start to finish:

Adventures in Networking, Part 1: Intro

Adventures in Networking, Part 2: Initial Setup

Adventures in Networking, Part 3: Switch It Up

Adventures in Networking, Part 4: Zone Defense

Adventures in Networking, Part 5: Splunking

Adventures in Networking, Part 6: IPv6

I’ll continue to add more as I play around with my network!

Adventures in Networking, Part 6: IPv6

This is finally the end of my series on setting up my EdgeRouter and all the fun I had with it. This part was the hardest part, but it was also quite the learning experience: getting IPv6 up an running on my router. It took a lot of work, muddling around with configs, and reading a lot of articles, but in the end I passed the IPV6 Test with a score of 100%, which is something that I never could have done before. So read more to see the (current) conclusion of this endeavor.

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