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Ration Wisely

All of economics is the study of rationing, because no resource in infinite. Efficiently allocating finite resources is the heart of any economics discussion, health care economics included. Which is why I don’t get how every discussion of changing how our health care system immediately prompts screams of “Rationing!” Well, of course! Since we don’t have infinite doctors, infinite medicine, and infinite time, we are going to have to ration things somehow. The question is, how?

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Radeon R9 and the dreaded BSOD

Recently I purchased components to upgrade my 5-year-old computer to give it a little bit more power. I got an AMD FX-8350 8-core processor, Asus M5A99FX motherboard, and a Radeon R9 270 video card to display it all. My original plan was to use that card in concert with my old Radeon HD 4870 video card, but it turns out the latter was too old and the drivers would recognize one or the other, but not both. No matter, the R9 could drive all three of my monitors once I figured out I had to use the DisplayPort for one of them.

The real issue was that often, when I would return to my computer after a time away so that the displays were turned off, I would get the dreaded BSOD an an error from the atikmpag.sys driver (this is on Windows 7). I looked high and low for an answer, but ultimately found nothing. Instead, I changed the power settings so that the displays are never turned off, and that solved the problem.

Maybe newer drivers will solve this eventually, but if anybody has a problem with this issue, adjust the power settings.

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The cost of NSA exploitation

There are plenty of good technical overviews of the Heartbleed vulnerability (including a great overview by XKCD). The security impacts of this issue have been covered well by people far smarter than me. But I feel the need to pile on to reports that the NSA has known about this vulnerability and exploited it for years, if this is indeed true.

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