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Dealing With Stolen Credit Cards

How funny: the day after I write about password breaches, I learn that one of my credit care numbers has been stolen. Thankfully, though, I was well prepared for this event, and should be back to normal operations very quickly.

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Password Breaches: Don’t Panic, Be Prepared

Hey, look, there’s been another password breach! Is it time to panic? I decided not to. In fact, I decided to pretty much ignore the whole story. As a result of this breach, I only rotated one password, and frankly, it wasn’t because I was worried that this password had been compromised.

Wait, shouldn’t you panic? Based on a lot of the news stories I”ve read, that’s a popular option. However, there’s no need to freak out if you are doing things right to begin with, and that’s where you really should start.

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