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Legislative Pay

I generally believe in voting “No” on all amendments to our state constitution. Sometimes, it’s a “Hell No!” because I truly think it’s a bad amendment: see last year’s amendments on gay marriage and photo ID, for example. But most of the time, I vote no not because I think it’s a terrible idea, but because I think that aside from granting rights to people, the constitution should not be a dumping ground for policy. I voted no on the legacy amendment for this reason, for example. In fact, the only amendment I can think of where I voted yes was the dedication of the motor vehicle sales tax to transportation purposes, because I think that was the intent of that sales tax all along. But barring those kinds of issues, I’m going to vote no. And it looks like I may have a chance to vote no on another amendment in the near future, if the proposed amendment on legislative pay gets put on the ballot.

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The sequestration is a failure

The sequestration was always a stupid idea. Faced with a leaky roof, Congress declared “either we fix the roof or we blow it up!” Congress even in its most functional times is not a paragon of wisdom and efficiency, but this was extra ridiculous. Nevertheless, we were told, the whole point of the endeavor was to pass a bill so stupid it would never be carried out. It calls to mind that certain scene from “Blazing Saddles”.

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Fixing your drive size

Last weekend, my computer froze up out of the blue, and then refused to boot. Since I got the dreaded “Unmountable boot volume” error, I figured it was the hard drive. My C: drive was a 250GB beast from when I built my first computer in 2005, so it was clearly getting a bit old. I used a diagnostic tool on the Ultimate Boot CD to determine that it had a few bad sectors. Just a few, but every techy knows that once you get a couple, they will spread quickly like a malignant cancer. Thus, it was off to get a new drive.

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