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The Abstinence Adventure

Via Hairpin comes the story of a high school student in West Virginia protesting an abstinence-only assembly (at a public school, no less) taught by none other than Pam Stenzel. First of all, kudos to her for standing her ground even after the principal threatened her future college career. Second of all, it reminds me of that one time in high school that we had Pam Stenzel talk…

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Budgeting for families and superpowers

Wonkblog has a good piece about all the reasons that people hate budget deficits, and all of the reasons why they are incorrect. It’s a great piece, but it does overlook one of my favorite reasons trotted out by politicians as to why we need to balance the budget: “Families have to balance their budget, so does the government!” But do they? No.

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Negotiating with yourself

President Obama has put forward a budget that includes cuts to Social Security in the hopes of getting a grand budget bargain with Congressional Republicans. The goal was to show seriousness in cutting entitlements in order to get Republicans to show seriousness in raising revenue. Republicans have already panned it, liberals are not happy, and the end result is, well, more of the same. So what was the goal here?

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