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Our Paris Trip

We left for Paris on Saturday, 5 January, flying overnight through Amsterdam to arrive in Paris on Sunday. We left the following Monday morning, so we were in Paris for over a week. Plenty of time to hit all the highlights. FYI, all pictures are here.

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New Photos Up: Paris Trip

I’ve put new photos up of our trip to Paris. I’ll have a full recap of the trip soon, but for now, enjoy the pictures!

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A few thoughts

A few random thoughts and links from the past couple weeks:

  • Obama the Communist has presided over a shrinking of the government workforce. You don’t see that reported very often.
  • Once again, more proof that we need to disassociate health insurance coverage from employment entirely (a personal story along these lines will be posted later…)
  • As Kevin Drum correctly points out, we don’t have a spending problem. We have a revenue problem: Popular programs are popular and need to be paid for.
  • John Kline didn’t vote to raise taxes. Everybody in Congress voted to cut taxes. The issue is that taxes weren’t cut as much as some people like. Boo-hoo. See bullet #3.
  • The debt ceiling vote gives a vocal extremist group in Congress the ability to say “Nice country you’ve got there; it would be a shame if something happened to it.” Get rid of it. Because otherwise, we’ll be in crises forever.

Happy New Year, America!