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The Legislature, Then and Now

I worked at the legislature for almost 11 years. The first six of those years were when the Republicans had the majority in the house. Then came four years of a DFL majority, and then a return to the Republican majority that we have today. Even though only four years separated the two Republican majorities, having lived through them, they were quite different beasts. Today’s majority is both more indifferent and more harmful than the previous version, making this year’s elections all the more important.

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Thus passes history

Two things were in the news this week that, while not necessarily effecting me immediately today, nevertheless represent things that had a large influence on who I am as a person. The first was the decision that Newsweek will no longer produce its print magazine, ending almost 80 years of print editions. The second, announced just today, is that George McGovern has died. Both had much influence at a time, including influence on me, but nothing lasts forever, and these are no exception.

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I’m unelectable!

NPR’s Planet Money decided to talk to a bunch of economists of all stripes to ask what they would like to see in an economic platform for a presidential candidate. They came up with this: eliminating the mortgage interest and health care deductions, corporate income tax, income tax, a carbon tax, and legalized marijuana. Aside from moving to a consumption tax, which I could see as good in some circumstances, these are all things I believe in. They are also all things that would get a politician booted from office.

It’s nice to know that I am pretty much unelectable. Not that over a decade in politics hasn’t already taught me that, though. For added fun, the link above has a fake TV commercial for that decidedly-unpopular platform. Enjoy!