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Health Care, The Future, and All The Fish

So the Supreme Court did the “unexpected” (expected by constitutional scholars and those in the know, but unexpected by the media, so therefore unexpected) and upheld the bulk of Obamacare, specifically the mandate. Medicaid expansion was tweaked, and there are some arguments that the limits on the Commerce Clause is the real far-reaching story of the day, but all the same, this is something to be thankful for.

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Moving on up

I’ve been pre-occupied of late, because Julia and I bought a house in South Minneapolis and moved in last weekend. After renting for a long time, we decided to take advantage of the low housing prices and low interest rates to buy a house. We’ve been very busy, but we’re starting to settle in. Count us among the new homeowners in this time of uncertainty.

One More Thing

One more thing to add to my rant from yesterday: Congress has been debating whether or not to keep the interest rate on student loans at 3.4%, or to increase it to 6.8%. The standard student loan payoff period is 10 years. Currently, the interest rate the U.S. pays on a 10-year Treasury note is around 1.5%, or near historical lows.

You know, if the U.S. borrowed money at that low interest rate, and then turned around and lent that money out to students at something near that low interest rate, that would put a lot of extra money in people’s pockets due to lower monthly payments. Money that, you know, would get spent. But I guess acting like a giant bank and charging students a 500 basis point markup is also great for the economy.

Stupid or Evil?

It’s rather hard to be optimistic about the economy these days, since the common consensus around the world is that the best way to cure the economy is to drain it of blood until it has none left. Lots of people have been harping on this for years now, but it’s not getting better. In fact, it’s getting worse (whoever would have thought that selling off your country would destroy your economy and lead to extremist parties gaining power? Anybody?)

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