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New photos: North Shore Vacation

Last weekend Julia and I went up to the North Shore of Lake Superior to celebrate our first anniversary. We stayed at the very lovely Bluefin Bay Resort. Below the jump are some pictures of the trip.

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Combination Of The Two

I saw this touching story on the MPR website a few days ago, and paid special attention to the comments. Usually, when there are stories like this, somebody will come along to say that doing something like this is wrong, because it dilutes the message to kids that life is hard and nobody out there is going to give you any slack and that you have to earn everything you get. And yes, there are some people who insist on teaching kids these lessons as early as possible, even for kids who need a little extra help.

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Hidden versus visible fees

Congress has capped the interchange fees that banks can collect from retailers for debit card transactions. As a result, some banks are now charging customers directly for the use of a debit card, up to several dollars a month. This has prompted some people to blame Congress for the increase in fees. And while it’s true that Congress did pass the regulation capping interchange fees, this change is a good one, not a bad one.

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