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No We Can’t

The U.S. defeated the Fascists, built the Interstate Highway System, put a man on the Moon, and heralded in the end of Communism and the spread of Democracy. These were major undertakings, but they were successfully completed, and with a lot of government help to boot! These days, however, all we hear from Republicans is “No We Can’t”. No we can’t raise the debt ceiling. No we can’t put people back to work. No we can’t fulfill the promises we’ve made to seniors. Enough is enough.

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Geosetter and GPS Logger

A while back I blogged about Geosetter, a tool used for geotagging digital photos. In the past, I’ve used it to manually assign locations to photos I’ve taken. This isn’t much fun, and it is easy to forget where I’ve taken a photo before I get a chance to geotag them. Thanks to Reddit, though, I’ve discovered a much better way to do it automatically by using GPSLogger on my phone. I run it on my phone while I’m taking pictures, then Geosetter can take the .GPS file that GPSLogger exports and automatically tag all of the photos by matching the time it was taken to where you were based on the log file. Neat! I used it for my Twin Cities Pride album, and despite the noisiness inherent in consumer-grade GPS, it worked very well.

More Budget Unseriousness

It’s stories like these that make me wonder if having a rational, adult conversation about budget priorities is even possible. People like roads. They use them every day. Most people would say that the quality of roads in this country is not great. And yet nobody wants to raise the federal gas tax, despite the fact that it has remained unchanged for eighteen years.

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