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Wedding Photos

We’ve posted our wedding photos here. Another big thanks to Steve and Kelsey from Holm Photo.

Also, in my last post about the wedding, I forgot to mention our fantastic officiant, Tomkin Coleman. He helped us create a ceremony that was meaningful and truly our own.

Thanks again to everybody!

Wedding thoughts

It’s hard to believe that Julia’s and my wedding was over a month ago. We switched from wedding planning back to campaign mode so quickly, the past month just flew by with no time to sit back and reflect. Now that the election is over and things are a little slower, although unsettled, here’s the lowdown.

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Local Elections and Turnout, Part 2

In my last post, I took a look at the turnout in House districts that the DFL lost. Today, a coworker asked me about districts that were close, but were won by the DFL candidate. Good question. So I put together the following table of districts where the DFL candidate won. I chose districts not by any particular mathematical criteria, other than they are districts that were either close in 2006 or close in 2010, and are generally your typical swing districts:

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Local Elections and Turnout

Lots of people have shared a lot of analyses on Tuesday’s elections, much of it on a national scale. They try to make guesses about what the elections say about Obama, or the Republican agenda, on certain subgroups of voters, and so on. I don’t have any great insights into any of these things. I am, however, interested in the flip of the Minnesota House to the Republicans. And while I can’t offer a lot of insight into the why, I do have numbers that appear to tell a tale of turnout. If the question is whether the Republicans won their races on Tuesday due to a higher Republican turnout, a great switch of voters from the Democratic column to the Republican column, or Democratic voters not showing up, it appears that the latter issue may be the important one.

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