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Review – What Americans Really Want…Really

The past few weeks I’ve been reading “What Americans Really Want…Really” by Frank Luntz, which I picked up using one of my many Borders gift cards I received for Christmas. It’s supposed to be a distillation of what famous Republican message man Frank Luntz has found about what Americans want out of all aspects of life, from his many, many focus groups. The book started off good, but by the end I found myself somewhat disappointed.

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Delivering for voters

If Democrats aren’t providing voters with a great message, are they providing voters with something of substance? Good question. It usually helps your reelection chances if you can provide voters with accomplishments that make them want to vote for you again. What’s the Democratic majority’s track record when it comes to niceties that Congress has given voters? It’s not insubstantial, but not great.

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How not to message

Democrats have long had a messaging problem, especially at the national level. Sadly, in the past few days it’s become clear that Congressional Democrats have a brain function problem as well, one that is a lot more worrisome than mere issues with messaging, but in the off chance that they stop being afraid of their shadows and piddling all over the floor of the House of Representatives they may need to get back to messaging one day. Despite being told over and over, election after election, that they need to get a message in gear, they still haven’t done it. Maybe this time will be different, if there is a party left.

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Political Poker

I don’t think President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or other Democratic leaders in Congress are poker players. I think they’d be much better politicians if they were. If they were regular poker players, they’d understand that Obama and Democrats are now “pot-committed”, and folding their hand is the worst mistake they can make. Sadly, early reaction from the election yesterday seems to indicate they are all too willing to get up and walk away, guaranteeing defeat.

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Camera lens for sale

I’ve decided to give myself a late present and purchase the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 lens and a few Kenko extension tubes. Based on everything I’ve read, the 17-55 is probably the best walkaround lens for a crop camera like my 40D, and it will give me a wider angle lens than what I already have.

Which means I’m selling my Tokina 19-35mm f/3.5-4.5 on eBay. If you need a cheap, decent wide-angle lens for a Canon EF mount, check out the auction before it ends next Sunday.