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Random Christmas photos

Julia and I went to Omaha over Christmas to visit her family. While there, I took a few photos of the fun. They are on my website and below the jump…

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Random thoughts and neti pots

I’ve been busy lately, what with doing wedding planning and holiday planning, in the midst of what is apparently going to be the biggest snowstorm ever in the history of Minnesota…ever, if you believe the news stations, and I don’t. It’s snow, people.

I’ve also gotten sick of the health care debate in Congress, but if you really want to cut health care costs, use a neti pot. I started using one two years ago and haven’t been sick since. Some studies show that it isn’t my imagination that it actually accomplishes something. Give it a try.


I’m not typically a reader of fiction. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just that I prefer non-fiction for some reason. Recently, though, I was looking for a book to read on my bus travels and I was all out, so Julia suggested I read Middlesex, a Pulitzer prize-winning novel. Despite it being fiction, I enjoyed it. What I liked most about it was probably its historical content: it traces a family and its offspring from before the Greco-Turkish war, spending most of its time on that journey and only occasionally returning to the present. It read more like historical fiction than a typical novel, so I felt that I was indeed learning something. I’d recommend it.

I’m now back to my old ways and reading Influence by Robert Cialdini. So far a fascinating book.

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Tracking what is in and out of the health care bill at this point is a pretty hard task, with closed-door negotiations and compromises everywhere. But one thing is clearly evident: Joe Lieberman is a terrible, terrible human being.

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The recovery

The economic recovery is going to be painfully, painfully slow. That’s all there is to it. You don’t need fancy equations, or smart economists, or even a crystal ball to know this. All you need is this one graph, courtesy of NPR:

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On Saturday, Julia and I got officially engaged. Although we’d been planning things for a while, the actual activities were a surprise to her.

We started off at WA Frost in Saint Paul, where we had an absolutely delicious dinner of scallops, filet mignon, and three different desserts, accompanied by a great pinot noir. The staff there was great as well, as they gave us a very nice table right in front of the fireplace after I tipped them off to what we were doing.

We then went to the St. Paul Hotel, where we had champagne and strawberries dressed up in little tuxes. The brunch Sunday morning was great too.

The wedding is set for October 9th, 2010 at the Minneapolis Public Library downtown.

Engagement ring

Thanksgiving photos

Julia and I went to visit my mother in Kansas City over Thanksgiving, and of course I brought along my camera. The full gallery is here, with samples below the jump…

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